Illuminated 3D lettering lets your business shine day or night and is a popular choice for the hospitality industry, shop front signage, and office premises. An illuminated sign is a great way of adding visual impact to your façade, and making sure that your business is putting its best face forward 24/7.


You can submit the design for your 3D lettering or use our professional design service to ensure that you get the exact effect that you’re after. Not only can you determine the exact style of lettering and spacing that you require, you can also control the height and profile of your letters for a truly impressive signage solution.


Custom neon signs are always a popular choice for striking and original signage in bars, restaurants, hotels and upscale offices, neon signs are experiencing a surge in popularity as designers have begun to appreciate the stunning signage you can create using neon.


3D and illuminated signs are a great signage choice and have the added benefit of being very long lasting – your neon sign can last for over years, making them a wise long-term investment.

55mm fabricated lettering with internal led lighting
IMG_5636 (1).jpeg